Day 2 in the sun...

Duporth Beach...


Sea was sparkling...

Ahoy Thar!!!!!

Made three new necklaces on the Beach...perfect place to work on a hot day!

Took them back down to Gems Gallery...heres me cabinet stocked to the Brim! Checkity check out her gallery if your in Charlestown, Cornwall, I am biased but its so fabulous!

Heres my beautiful small Gem, shes so cute and a very talented artist, and also runs Charlestown Gallery.

Here is a teeny tiny selection of her work...these handmade badges are so sweet! I'm also loving this new image she's illustrated, i want her feather headress so bad!!! Everyone needs a feather headress in their lives!!!!

Check out her Flickr for a much bigger selection of her work...

Goodbye, untill next time!!!

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