Dad day

Took dad to Millinsey Mill yesterday, we seem to go here alot when i'm down so seemed fitting. I've blogged about Millinsey Mill before so I won't jabber too much about it again!!!

Took dads car out, LOVE this one he has (he collects cars like normal people collect stamps!)

Bean was a bit apprehensive at first as the engine is super loud in this car, me and dad kept going "WHAT?!" at each other! Sausage sat on the sausage shelf at the back. Not sure what the correct terminology is but its not a seat but a perfect ledge for a long dog to lie on!

Super cool cups! All their china is Willow, how cool is that?!

Birds eating at our table...

Earl grey tea, what else?!

Mmmm cake AND CLOTTED CREAM for dessert!!!

Bought another funny magnet, he does seahorses now! I am amounting a large collection of these and my penchant is growing!

Me and the long one!

My lovely dad! I know he reads my blog as he admitted this recently! So...Thanks for being an awesome dad! You are always there for me and Liv whatever and whenever and I love you loads!!! :-)

Goodbye, untill next time!

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