Bean modelling the illustrious Gaga hat!!!

Been without the internet for a while which has been a bit irritating to say the least as I haven't been able to update my shop or blog properly! I have now driven over to me Nans to steal her internet for a bit so I can catch up on work and then we are going to have lunch :-) although I am having a bit of a senior moment, I got out the car and my nan goes: "what on earth have you got on your feet Hannah?"
and I look down and see this...

Not a good look. I hate these slippers. My mum got them for me but they are rather hideous and I was only wearing them to keep my feet warm! Doh!

Well, heres a few photos of what I've been up to...

My sister has perfected the Cornish Pasty, I am very proud and privileged to be eating such good pasties out of Kernow. The crazy girl made 17! (we only had 8 people at dinner!) so even Bean had his first pasty, a little small one that Livvy made for him!  So she brought the rest that she hadn't scoffed to a reggae street party the next day. Was Pasty-tastic!
 Steve "milked" the pasties with some glaze, had a proper little production line going on!
                                          Mmmm, peeps enjoying the  Sunday Pasty Dinner...
Beans first Street Party. 

Its also been stupidly hot, or was stupid hot. So out come the beach BBQ's yey! Eat your body weight in Bean Burgers!!!! (not burgers made out of my dog btw!) 

 Had a friend visiting in the tropical sun too so off we trooped to the Downs for a picnic!

Then went round to Grim's for dinner, his dad makes AMAZING puddings, I always look forward to going round there for dinner! I had this homemade cherry cheesecake for dessert, chocolate brownies AND a chocolate Panna cotta, bit fat but couldn't resist!!!!

Haven't just spent all this time eating, honest! Made a huge batch of jewellery for an exhibition at Staacks, which is running from June 1st, I did the exhibition last year and it went stupidly well, so I was happy to be asked back again this year :-)

 Note the star wire wrapping, which will be launched in the shop soon as I get this internet fixed! Arghh!

I also topped up Gemmas Gallery with even more stock and now the cabinet is brimming with jewellery, I even sold a pair of earrings as I was doing the display to a lovely woman on holiday from Bournemouth. She bought some rare turquoise sea glass earrings, never made a pair before and probably wont again for a while. 

This is funny, Me and livvy were walking t'shops and there were loads of people gathered round taking pictures, and we went over to have a nose. Basically someone had parked their Porsche on a hill and not put the handbrake on, and it had rolled down the hill and smashed through the window of a shop!!! The owner did not look happy and was frantically on the phone, probably to his insurance company. I bet the owner of the car felt like such a plum!!! 

Me and mum! 

Went to an amazing exhibition is Fowey, Cornwall, as part of the Open Houses. I am loving this artist called Jenny Beaven. I wish I had £800 to buy one of her sculptures. Buster threw up in the Open House, which was a bit embarrassing, nice one sausage! But it also provided an opportunity to talk to all the lovely artists exhibiting there, good ice breaker!!! Haha!

This is my new ornament, I actually can't remember the name of the artist which is really bad, but I love love love this, so random! Its a mermaid (with legs and feet for some reason!) who is topless, wearing a beret and holding a chicken!!! Steve has affectionately named her "knockers" ! We had a ceremonial lighting after the Open House finished and had some cocktails. The Open House was amazing and I would definitely do it again, I ended up buying lots of the art because I couldn't bear to not have it in the flat anymore!

Bean licking Gemma's boyfriend Wes' face! haha! doesn't look happy does he?! 

And we'll end on this picture...Anyone remember Jonny Briggs? I am channeling him here, except Jonny has the sense to probably notice the massive puddle of water and mud at the bottom of the slide. I whizzed straight down this slide and landed in the nastiness at the bottom, I was so muddy I had to take my skirt off and button up my coat!!! Whoops!!! 


Goodbye, untill next time!!!


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